Everything you need to build your tabletop game components dynamically.

Think Image Editor + Automation

  • Design your card or tile once
  • Generate dozens or hundreds of components with a button push
  • When you make a change, you can update all your components in real-time
  • Get your components out in the format that you need

Upload Assets

  • Upload spreadsheets where each row represents a card or tile
  • Upload fonts to stylize your text (or use the thousands we provide for you)
  • Upload images

Image Editing

  • Place, rotate, and resize images
  • Create stylized text
  • Draw boxes, circles, and lines


  • Export directly to a game in The Game Crafter
  • Generate a print and play PDF with bleeds removed and crop marks added
  • Export high resolution images you can use for any purpose you like
  • Generate an image cache for Tabletop Simulator

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